Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Never give up on something you really want. It’s difficult to wait, but worse to regret

ohhh yeah!! this is 2014?? new year is comimg! n now i cme to open a new book with daniel moo! my future husband aite <3 ( amen ) i just updte my blogger after brpa lama tk updte yoo :D n yeah kinda miss yaaa!!!! :O 

well! i just cme bck home.. i dari ruma my bf n his family stay together n chill out n i was like """ ohhhh, this is what i wannt?? yaaa!! THIS IS WHAT I WANT <3  i feel so happy when with them its like i forget all my problem because his family member soooo SPORTING yaaa.. terutama his mom n  aunty2.. well, yaaa.. i feel a bit awkwrd with his dad :) tett! i dont know why maybe sbb dia sma fkirn like my dad kot.. no i mean biasa lah that DADY kan.. hehe
but its okay, i try to be a good gf n his fmly like ill do it no matter what happen.. :D Huh.. support yaaa :)  im sooooooo happy, finally i hv someone that can make me move on just take 1 week to know each other and then fall in love again even bnyak dugaan but like what his mom always remind me.. " you perlu tahan if you mahukan dia n harus mempertahankan HAK KITA SBGAI PEREMPUAN.. thnks god, i know you always be with me all day n never get tired or give up :) really appreciate n much love!! :) 

i really enjoy with them <3