Wednesday, 26 February 2014

stay strong :)

stay strong!!

            i just can explan a bit what i feel about him ..yaa, im soooo  happy dari 1st kenal for me dia lah yg terbaik dan akan sentiasa baik.. spent time together, texting evry single day.. no fight, always smile, no cry always happy.. love each other, call evrynight before sleep.. share story n so on, after 3month evrything change ... i start to dont know who are you, you turn into 
" panas baran , pemarah, pantang ditegur, suka melenting, keluarkan kata-kata  kesat and  too emotional "..
when i start talking with you, start tegur evrything semua tidak kena bagi kau.. even its not a big deal you make it serious and mempertikaikan.. and i dont know you still love me or not.. because i cant feel it.. seriously! I CANT FEEL IT! </3 i alwys remind to myself dont think too much.. yaa, maybe sbb you sudah start kolej n you dont have time to find me, call me and text me anymore mcm sebelum ini.. .. i try my best to understand you no matter what  happen.. as long as CURANG tdk akn pernah wujud dalam relationship kita.. CURANG perkara paling tidak dapat di maafkan.. if someone try Flirting with whats mine.. go ahead, and let them try to get you ill be fine :') when this is happen BUKAN MASALAH SY..and i wont dsprte to get you back.. sbb seorng lelaki sejati tidak akn biarkan diri dia DIRAMPAS..
what can i do? i just move on, dress up and make it better life..
but i never try find other guy to make me happy.. menghiburkan sy.. noooo! i promise selagi saya sma kau slagi tu  I WONT FIND OTHER GUY TO REPLACE YOU.. n benda ni sy jamin tidak akn berlaku :') about this you have to trust me no matter what happen.. i wont find!! because i still have you in my life <3

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